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Mission Statement for Our LinkedIn Games Community

At Amir Satvat’s Games Community, we are committed to empowering gamers at every stage of their career with comprehensive support, resources, and a thriving community environment. We uphold the highest standards of kindness and civility, fostering an inclusive culture where every member contributes to enhancing our collective potential. We freely provide essential services that are often gated by cost, ensuring that no gamer, regardless of background, is left behind.

Our dedication to removing barriers in the games industry is ​evident in our free suite of resources:

  • Jobseeker Lists: Free alternatives to paid listing services.
  • Community Coaching Services: Free access to mentors, CV and ​LinkedIn profile reviewers, mock interviews, art portfolio reviewers.
  • Job Listings: Free alternatives to often exclusive job boards.
  • Career Planning Resources: Free advice, often behind paywalls.
  • LinkedIn Premium Trials and Event Tickets: Free direct access to ​these resources, our most requested always-paid offerings.
  • Community Spotlight: Weekly forum for job seeking gamer intros.
  • #OpenToNetwork: Build connections within our community, ​outside formal coaching.

Beyond these resources, half of our content is fun and informative, ​analyzing and reflecting on the games industry and more. We also ​venture beyond games to muse on the broader themes of positivity ​and kindness in life, discussing how we can all contribute to making ​the world a better place.

Our mission is to ensure that all who love and work in the video games industry, as well as those who are touched by our values, have access to the tools they need to succeed and grow, making the world of games - and beyond - more accessible and equitable for everyone.

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